Testimonials from people Rich has worked with.

'We have now worked with Rich on two separate occasions - both of which were marked out by a dedicated professionalism, an understanding and manipulation of space and material which is truly something to witness, and by spending time in the company of a thoughtful, funny and engaged individual. One never needs to question the 'how' of how he will create an extraordinary work, because you know he will.'

Ray White

'Rich White produces refreshing and insightful interventions in response to diverse environments. Rich created a huge impact with RESISTANCE at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, he developed the artwork with thorough dedication, and it was a pleasure to work with such a calm and professional artist.'

Rebecca Rendell

LOCWS International
'Rich's approach to a physical environment, its context and history, alongside the desire to unpick and embrace the relationships people have with a location, is acutely perceptive, poignant and powerful. His interest in the individual as well as the collective perspective is reflected in his open and positive approach throughout his research but also in the creation of immersive environments for people to engage. His practice ultimately addresses the forgotten, hidden and the overlooked in a hugely intelligent and compelling way.'

Alex Boyd Jones

Oriel Davies Gallery
'Rich White's site-specific interventions intend to provoke subtle alterations in a viewers subjectivity. On this basis he was invited to exhibit in 'Bread & Roses' a show at Motorcade/FlashParade art space in Bristol. In response to the set of ideas underpinning the show, proposing that art could act as a catalyst for social change, White produced the imposing 'Observatory,' a remarkable watchtower produced from found materials, reminiscent of prisons and concentration camps; an astute reminder that social change is not inherently progressive. A skilled and experienced artist, he was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to inviting him back to Motorcade/FlashParade.'

Julie McCalden

'Rich... in process & consideration to detail, spatial awareness & inspiring use of materials, beguiling & innovative transformations, challenging & thoughtful interventions, and it's not all blackened.... White.'

Scott Farlow

'We were very impressed with the methodical approach to generating the "It's growing on me" artwork for The Public and then 'magicing' it out of apparently thin air. Even though it was meant to be a temporary artwork we have kept it in situ for many more months than originally intended.'

Graham Peet

The Public
'Rich was able to turn a potentially provocative and difficult project into a successful and challenging piece that delighted, enthused and provoked audiences visiting the gallery space.'

Anthony Ruck

'We invited Rich to create a new installation at a local venue Testbed1 as part of our October visual arts platform 2011. Rich drew on his strong architectural sensibilities to respond to the ex-dairy warehouse space with 'Nest' - a suspended human sized nest made of discarded objects and bits of debris, that totally charmed visitors with its intrigue and excellence of execution.'

Justine Kenyon

Wandsworth Council
'Rich has a gentle and steady energy which wins the trust of those around him. He can therefore engage with a range of people in order to consult with them. His thoughtful approach results in work that is quirky, but clearly rooted in the area in which he is working.'

Helga Henry

Director, Creative SHIFT
'Rich was the lead artist on Place, Space and Identity 3 produced by Creative Shift (formerly Fierce Earth) and Gemma Thomas on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council. We held an open call for proposals for the project; Rich applied and was selected by a panel of arts and regeneration officers based on his practice, honesty about process and ability to talk about his work for a range of audiences. We weren't disappointed. He created Platform 4, an opportunity to stand eye to eye with Josiah Wedgwood - a fun, ironic, truthful and thoughtful interpretation of the feedback he'd gained from locals and visitors to the area.'

Gemma Thomas

'I have worked with Rich on a number of occasions and I've always found him a pleasure to work with and a true professional. I find Rich's work very inspiring and I have plenty of respect for him as an artist and as a person as well. Rich cherishes challenging and new environments and he always seems to be able to respond and act much quicker than most people in coming up with ideas due to his diligent and focused approach to get the job done. I feel a great artist is one that is never short of ideas, and Rich certainly fits into this category.'

Karl Greenwood

'I worked with Rich and Brychan Tudor to realise Collusion at Arena Gallery in 2010. The exhibition was a new challenge for both Rich and Brychan, one that fused their individual artistic practices and one that they approached together in a resourceful and rigorous manner. I've been following Rich's practice since seeing his highly impressive work at CUBE in Manchester in 2008. On collaborating with Rich, I was highly impressed by his rich spatial awareness and his exciting proposal to modify the existing Arena Gallery space in a thoughtful but demanding manner. His installations are often physically imposing forms that are unique in their raw materiality and truthfulness, forms that challenge how space is physically and socially produced within both the gallery and urban environment.'

Jack Welsh

'Rich made an impacting contribution to the Market Estate Project, which I co-curated in 2010. The project brought together 75 artists who were challenged to create site specific work in a challenging urban environment. Rich's skill, ambition, work ethic, imagination and artistic vision made him an outstanding participant.'

Gadi Sprukt

Tall Tales
'Part of the challenge, and the integral way White achieves his installations is through a simplifying of a complex process, a distillation of an idea or material; structurally intervening in and navigating through spaces. Rich White's work is epic in its ambition, concept and impact. A talented artist.'

Rosalind Davis

'Rich White is an artist with integrity - working with Rich means you can trust that something thought-provoking, interesting and refreshing will be experienced.'


Updated 13 October 2019

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